love. [kale, pear, spinach, cucumber]

love. [kale, pear, spinach, cucumber]

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[kale, pear, spinach, cucumber]

This blend is exciting, complex, mellow, and unexpected. (yeah... kind of like love.) 

The greens are the foundation of this blend. Super foods kale and spinach provide the body with powerful antioxidants, high levels of iron, calcium, and Vitamins A & K. Cucumber (the fruit that masquerades as a vegetable!)  hydrates the system drenching your body with Vitamin A. 

But, like love, you need a little sweet with the savory.. that is where pear comes in. Did you know that pear is a hypo-allergenic fruit? It is very gentle and recommended for those with food allergies. Plus, it contains calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium, and potassium. 

We know your body will fall in love. 



  • anti-oxidant properties 
  • immune system support
  • disease prevention 
  • may help lower blood pressure
  • vision, skin, and bone support