what is acai?


Acai is a highly nutritious berry that grows on a tall, thin palm in the Amazon floodplains. 90% of each berry consists of 90% seed. Only 10% of the berry is edible skin and pulp, which is washed and ground in a thick purple paste. This beautiful food serves as a staple food to the inhabitants of the Amazon estuary as well as Brazilians across the entire country.

Acai bowls are a frozen sorbet base of acai berries, strawberries and bananas, made to order and topped with granola, fresh fruit, dry superfood toppings and raw honey! We took this Brazilian staple and put a Hawaiian spin on it. We combine a special handcrafted preparation technique with premium, ethically sourced acai to give our bowls such a delicious taste and perfect consistency. Pretty much it’s time to rethink breakfast, brunch, lunch and your afternoon snack

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