what is "the cleanse." ?

“the cleanse.” kit unleashes the healing powers of raw, fresh fruits & vegetables. Cold pressed juice is packed with immune boosting nutrients, vitamins, anti oxidants and living enzymes. During the pressing process, insoluble fiber is removed - allowing the body to easily absorb rich phytonutrients into your bloodstream. Within 10 minutes, your body soaks in all of the high quality nutrition [oh yeah].

A juice cleanse can be done whenever you would like - the choice is up to you (and your body of course) Some people chose to cleanse for one day, while others have cleansed for 90 days.
What makes our cleanse special? 
We only use a Triturating/Hydraulic press. During pressing, no heat or oxygen is forced into the juice. This allows our juice to be stored in a refrigerator for 3 full days. Plus, you will receive 3-5 times the nutrition vs. a standard juicer.  
Most home juicers & juice bars use a Centrifugal juicer. While you can get a quality juice, this type of juicer applies heat and forces oxygen into the blend. Juice made by a centrifugal juicer can not be stored & must be consumed with 15 minutes of juicing.




 “I am sick of being sick. I want to feel better!”

“Help me add juicing in my life – I know I don’t get a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

"I overindulged last weekend…I really want to reset and start fresh."

"I can never find anything convenient & healthy. Now I need help losing this extra weight"

“I haven’t had a vegetable in a long time. My taste buds need to get used to healthy stuff"

“I fell asleep in a meeting. I need energy ASAP!”

“I want to make healthier choices.”


 [ Click here to download our cleanse PDF with pre & post-cleanse tips.  ]

the cleanse [part I] menu. 

oh yeah. [kale / collard / apple / lemon]
Packed with kale, collard, apple, and lemon, your body will love this green powerhouse. Kale and collard are the stars in this juice packing in mega amounts of Vitamin K, A and C.

c ya. [orange / apple / grapefruit / ginger]
This blend boasts mega amounts of vitamin C and effectively battles nasty free radicals, tissue damage, and premature aging. Another bonus, grapefruit aids in weight loss
by reducing insulin levels.

snap. [carrot / apple / ginger]
The carrots provide powerful minerals, including calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. The fresh apples deliver pectin and anti-aging support. The ginger’s anti-inflammatory “snap” soothes and heals the stomach and supports the digestive system.

i heart carrots. [carrot]
No other vegetable even comes close to matching the beta-carotene levels found in carrots. Beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A which delivers better vision, strong bones and teeth, and a stronger immune system.

whoa. [beet / kale / apple / ginger]
Betacyanin-rich beet and kale deliver high levels of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B, C, folate, and magnesium. Beets also build, detoxify and renew the blood. Soluble fiber-rich apple and ginger round out this powerful healing combination.

almond! [raw almonds / filtered water]
Our raw, unpasteurized almond milk is low in calories but rich in taste. Almond milk helps your body reduce cholesterol levels, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, build strong bones, and support healthy skin and shiny hair.



[ p.s. your body says “thank you.” ]