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Where and when  do you make my juice? Do you make it in a plant? 

Each morning your juice is handcrafted, pressed and bottled in a licensed commercial kitchen in Nashville, TN. (not a big plant churning out juice by the gallons!)

Why juice? Can’t I just eat some raw carrots and apples?

Raw juice gives your body high levels of nutrients and large quantities that would be almost impossible to eat in a day. With each sip, vital nutrients are immediately available to your body’s cells. 16 ounces of juice each day is a great boost to help the body detox and rebuild. Each bottle contains between 2 to 4 pounds of fresh produce!

Don’t get us wrong, eating fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals. But a lot of the good stuff is locked in the fiber – which is kicked out of the body. With pressed juice, all of the benefits are broken out of that fiber – allowing the concentrated nutrients to enter the bloodstream at a rapid speed – between 10-15 minutes.

Doesn’t my body need fiber?

Absolutely! Your body likes and needs fiber. So, along with the juice, enjoy piling on the raw fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Your body will be in heaven! You will be giving it the maximum amount of love.


What is the difference between juicing and blending? 

Juicing and blending are both good for your body. With blending you will obtain solid nutrition while maintaining the fiber. The point of juicing is to actually avoid that fiber, allowing the body’s digestion process to rest.

Another big difference between juicing and blending is the sheer volume of what your body can consume. There is no way your body can eat all the produce that goes into a single serving of raw juice! Most of our juices have between three to four pounds of fresh produce per 16oz. bottle. Based on the quantity of produce consumed, blending delivers a fraction of the nutrients.

Any means of consuming raw produce is a good thing, but juicing allows your body to get the max amount of love.


What does my body get when I juice?

Minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins, anti-oxidants – just to name a few.  All of the stuff your body needs to maintain good health.

Your body will thank you with increased energy, glowing skin, a rockin’ immune system, stronger bones, and a tighter waistline. Raw juice will fight disease, strengthen your heart and make other’s envious of you at the gym. Basically, it helps keep the body happy.


I am not a vegetarian. Is  juice for me?

Every human body needs juice. Juicing is a great addition to anyone’s diet – carnivore, locavore, vegan, gluten free, kids, athletes and more – come on in, all bodies are welcome.


How much juice should I have in a day?

Your body craves at least 16 ounces of fresh juice each day. But, you can have much more.


There is a lot of talk about juice quality and different types of juicers? What is the skinny? 

Not all juicers are equal. There are three things to consider when thinking about juice quality:

  1. Heat
  2. Oxidation
  3. The process of separating the nutrients from pulp

Regular (centrifugal) juicers (mostly used in home or juice bars) grate food against a metal disk which spins at a very high speed - applying heat to the produce, lowering the quality of the juice. Your body loses a chunk of minerals and enzymes. These juicers are great for convenience and speed  - but you have to drink it immediately.

The best example of oxidation happens when you cut open an apple. After a few seconds, you will notice it turning brown. The apple is starting to decompose. Centrifugal juicers whip large amounts of oxygen into the juice causing the juice to break down quickly.

Lastly, remember the fast spinning disk in a centrifugal juicer? The mechanical process of separating the juice from the pulp is pretty “rough”. The end result is very wet pulp and a lower quality and yield of juice.


So, you mention that you use the best juicer in the world. What makes it so great?

We use a two-step triturator hydraulic press machine, also known as a "Norwalk press".

Dr. Norman Walker a pioneer in raw food and a juicing advocate, created the Norwalk press in 1934 – the first juicer ever created. Dr. Walker, who juiced daily with his machine, lived to be a healthy and vibrant 99 years old.

The hydraulic press is a labor-intensive process and has two steps. Step one, the produce is ground into a pulp. In a second step, the produce is captured in a linen bag and thousands of pounds of pressure are gently applied, extracting fresh, living, raw, nutrient-rich juice. The only thing left behind is bone dry pulp. Another plus, each bottle of our juice can be kept in sealed, refrigerated bottles for 3 days. You can enjoy your juice without worrying about losing flavor, color or nutrients.

Here are some additional benefits our press:

  1. Applies the lowest heat and oxidation levels
  2. Delivers the highest quality juice
  3. The Norwalk press is regarded by many as the best juicer in the world. In addition, the Gerson Institute highly recommends a two-step tritulator/press (or the Norwalk) for patients adopting the “Gerson Therapy”for cancer treatment or other serious medical conditions. ( source: ) Delivers a kinder, gentler process of extracting juice, slowly pressing more of the nutrients from the pulp.


My local grocery store has bottled juice and some fancy ones in the cooler. The label says that they are “100% juice”. Will these make my body happy?

Well, one of the problems with these (ahem) “juices” is that many of their valuable nutrients are killed during bottling. All grocery store (ahem) “juices” go through a pasteurizat­ion process. Pasteurization heats up the juice to a high temperature. It is a compromise. After produce is pasteurized, certain (but not all) bacteria are killed. But along with that, you lose all of the qualities that make the fruit or vegetable special – enzymes, vitamins, minerals, taste, and color.

So, if I order juice how long is it fresh? 

For 3 full days. So, for example, if we deliver on a Tuesday, your juice is fresh for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You can freeze your juice and defrost them in the refrigerator to keep them longer. 

Can I buy juice at any local grocery stores?

Because we do not pasteurize our juice, we have a limited shelf life for our product. We want to make sure you get the absolute freshest product available - this is why at this time we are choosing not to distribute through stores. The good news is that you can be 100% sure that your juice has not been pressed more than a few hours before you enjoy it.  

Do you have a retail store? 

We currently have two retail locations in Nashville and Hendersonville. 

Nashville -  1106 Division Street, Nashville. We are in "The Gulch" community at 12th Ave S & Division Street in the ICON building. Free one (1) hour parking is located in the garage attached to the shop & directly across the street. [Nashville Hours M-F 7:00am - 7:00pm, Sat 9:00am - 1:00pm, Sun Closed] 

Hendersonville - The juice shop is located inside of Hendersonville Produce - 760 E Main Street, Hendersonville. [HP retail hours are M-Sat 8-6pm & Sunday - closed.] 


Will raw, unpasteurized juice hurt my body?

Cleanliness and quality are the keys to making sure we keep your body happy and safe. We work hard to make sure that no bad stuff is found in our juices. How?

  • We choose the best produce – no way is any bruised or damaged fruit is making the cut in our kitchen.
  • We wash, scrub, and sanitize everything – our produce, juicer, cutting boards, everything that will come in contact with your juice.
  • We are inspected & licensed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the FDA.
  • After we have pressed the juice, we always refrigerate or keep surrounded in ice.
  • We place a label on our products letting you know of the risks – but we are confident that we are ultra-vigilant and careful with anything you give to you and your loved one’s body. 

A local store has fresh juices sold in their cooler by the cup. Is this good for my body? 

No. Oxygenation begins degrading the juice quality once the produce is cut. The more oxygen that is available -the faster the benefits of the juice are depleted. Juices made with a centrifugal juicer (used in most juice bars) should be consumed within 10 minutes of juicing. If you are buying juices in a cup, you are not getting the maximum nutrition available from fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is important that you know the source of your unpasteurized juices. If you are not physically watching the juice being made, ensure you are buying your juice from a company that has been inspected and approved by the Department of Agriculture or similar agency.


Can my kids have raw juice?

All bodies crave this good stuff. All ages, races, genders – everybody loves juice. With little baby and kid bodies, be sure to follow your pediatrician’s advice prior to giving raw juice.


Are your juices organic? Do you source from local farmers?

We use a combination of  quality conventional, organic, and local produce. As a small business in our agricultural region, we face unique challenges not found in other parts of the country.  Due to cost & availability, it is very difficult for us to only use local and certified organic produce. We are committed to giving your body the very best - this means we promise to only use high quality fruits & vegetables to blend your juice. 


Can you guys deliver to my front door or my office?

Yes! Currently, home deliveries are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Orders must be placed 36 hours in advance of your desired pickup or delivery date. With a standard delivery fee, we deliver to homes or offices within 15 miles of downtown Nashville.  Please make sure your address is within our delivery radius. 

Same Day Delivery is available in some areas. Check our partner GrubHub for more information!


Do you offer a detox juice program?

We currently sell “the cleanse.” kit which consists of 5 fresh pressed juices and a raw almond milk. For more information regarding the health benefits, please see our “info” page - "nutrition"


In order to get pre-order price ($6.75/bottle) "the cleanse" must be ordered in advance for pickup or home/office delivery within 36 hours of your desired pickup/delivery date. Forgot to order? No worries. Our juice shop starts each day with all of our blends - so the earlier you swing by the better! We can't guarantee that all juice blends will be available when you arrive. Orders with less than 36 hours lead-time will be charged at the "shop rate" of $7/bottle. 


There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your body. A cleanse is not for every body. Although we know a lot about juicing, we are not doctors.  Please consult your professional health care provide with specific health questions or concerns you may have prior to starting a cleanse.

Click here for more information regarding "the cleanse." 

I have a nut allergy and raw beets are not my thing.  Can I make substitutions on any of the juices in "the cleanse."? 

If you force your body to drink something it doesn't like or want, you more than likely will have a bad juice experience. We will happily make substitutions. In the order notes section, just let us know which blends you would like to switch out. If you need advice finding the right blend to help maintain the nutritional balance of your cleanse, just send us an email at 


Do you cater or press juice for special events? 

Yes! We offer a smaller 8oz catering size and our juice van is available for events. Drop us a line at or call us at 615.369.2154 to discuss. 


Is the juice truck available to come to my office or special events? 

Of course! Email us


What are your customer service hours? 

We are available to answer any questions Monday - Friday 7-7pm and Saturday 9-1pm. 


Are the prices the same in the shop? 

If you pre-order juice from our site 48 hours in advance, you will receive the pre-order price of $6.75/bottle. For orders with less lead time or if you plan on just swinging by the shop, the price is $7/bottle. 

If you have any other questions, shoot us an email. We love being helpful.