3 day 'the cleanse Part I' kit with tote.


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Our best-selling "the cleanse." kit contains a 3 day supply of raw, fresh, cold pressed juice and almond milk.  (15 cold pressed juices, 3 almond milks, and an insulated tote*)

The following blends are included in your kit and provide everything you need to flood your body with nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes. 

[ p.s. your body says "thank you." ]


Each day you will drink - 

oh yeah. [kale, collard, apple, lemon]

c ya. [apple, orange, grapefruit, ginger]

whoa. [beets, kale, apple, ginger, lemon]

i heart carrots. [carrots, lemon]

snap. [apple, carrot, ginger]

almond! our almond milk. [raw unpasteurized almonds, filtered water]

** Very Important - We want you to LOVE your cleanse experience. If you would like to substitute a blend for any reason, let us know in the "Notes" section at checkout or call us for a recommendation!

* We have new juice totes! You will receive a large red insulated bag, not the orange pictured * 

**For more information about 'the cleanse. part I' click here!