day 5 and beyond!

Hey guys, 

So, I know many of you are sitting on the edge of your seats - anxiously waiting for my final thoughts about my cleanse.

Ok..maybe not.  But, I am here to tell you anyway! 

I finished my cleanse last Friday evening. I can honestly say, it was the best cleanse experience I have ever had. My mind was clearer, energy through the roof, and I wasn't hungry. Over the 5 days, I became acutely aware of everything I was giving my body.  I had not realized how mindlessly I select food in the rush of life. 

Often times, you guys ask me for advice on how to complete the cleanse. But, I had not realized how much YOU have taught me. During this cleanse, I kept your feedback and thoughts in mind. I really believe that made all the difference. I want to share a few "simple tips" that helped me to have a great experience. 


1. Don't force yourself to drink a blend you do not like. Trust me, human nature will kick in and you will be less likely to stay the course. Yes.. Beets are incredibly good for you. But, if they are not your "thing" you are asking for trouble. The cleanse has to be a process that is enjoyable. Find an alternate blend that will give you the health benefits your body needs. 

2. Listen to your body! If you are not hungry, don't force it. Use the cleanse time to recommit to listening to your body's cues. 

3. Get creative. Drink your juice in a glass, add some ice cubes, grab a straw, mix in some almond milk. The options are endless. 

4. An insulated bag with a few ice packs is really helpful to make sure cold juice is ready to go. 

5. Be prepared to drink juice for the days following the cleanse. Slowly ease back into eating quality solid foods. 

6. As you are cleansing, start preparing for life "after the cleanse." Your body is going to primed, pumped and ready for new choices. This is the time to retire the processed foods and stock up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, all the good stuff. 

7. Carry water with you at all times - super important! 


I am looking forward to my next cleanse in the next few weeks! Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share? Let's hear them! 


Take care, 




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