a little (pre) spring cleaning.

Hey everyone, 


The human brain is a funny thing. It is remarkable in it's ability to hold on to memories - both good and bad. But, it also allows us to have selective "forgetfulness". Not too long ago, I was in the hospital, desperate for an answer to my illness and pain. Once I found the answer in juicing - it motivated me to not only adopt juicing into my daily life.. but it motivated my husband and I to start a business that would help others realize that simple choices - like adding juice to your daily life - really make a huge difference.

But, truth be told.... my body has been talking to me.. and I have NOT been listening. 

I have poured myself into nurturing the business - at the expense of my own personal needs. It happened so easily.  Bad food choices .. crazy work hours...  and the gym? Nah, I am too tired..  I just don't have time.

Even the best personal trainers (or juice company owners), have the same decisions to make each day. No one is immune from it - including me. These decisions can catch up to you pretty fast.

So, I have decided...  it is time to reset! 

Tomorrow, I will be starting a 5 day cleanse. This will be a time for reflection and a renewal of my commitment to myself. I am pretty excited about it. Over the week, I will "pop-in", share my progress, and answer any questions you guys might have for me. This will also be a time for me to test new blends and hopefully find new ideas to share with you. 

It is kind of cool to know that this 5 day commitment will allow me to become a better, stronger, healthier person. And that is an exhilarating thought! I am looking forward to sharing this mini-adventure with you all. 

Be sure to come by and chat. Are you starting a cleanse this week too? Don't be shy.. this is your space to share as well! 


Let's do this!


Talk soon, 




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