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 McKel shares about the benefits of tea & cold pressed juice Nashville blends

Did you know that June is national tea month? To be honest, I actually didn’t know this until researching and I’m glad I did! I was inspired to share with you all today three variations of tea that are easy, delicious, and nutritious “recipes” to try out for this hot summer ahead of us. The fun thing about these teas is they all incorporate a raw pressed juice from juice.Nashville!


What you’ll do: Simply brew 4 tea bags of your favorite brands (if you’re using loose leaf tea, 4-5 tablespoons) in about 4-6 cups of boiling water, allow to steep for each teas recommended time, and set aside to chill. Once the tea is cold, pour in an entire bottle or a splash to taste of the juices below. You can find these at the shop or pick up at any of the farmers markets. Serve over ice before enjoying. (serving size 4-6 cups depending on how much water you brew with the tea).


Green tea steep time: 2-3 minutes about 140-180 degrees

Oolong tea steep time: 3 minutes about 180-190 degrees

Red tea steep time: 5-7 minutes, hot/boiling


Green + "refresh." : This is a lovely combination of the slightly sweet green tea and flavors in "refresh." , which are lemon, green apple, and cucumber. I love adding fresh mint or additional lemon on the side. It also is a beautiful color when you present it- perfect for summer time!


Oolong + "c ya." : Oolong is an incredibly antioxidant rich tea and couple that with an already immune-boosting juice like "c ya." , and you have an amazing duo here! "c ya." contains vitamin C rich oranges, apple, grapefruit, and ginger. This tea is sure to keep your immune system healthy, strong, all while tasting amazing!  


Red + "whoa." : "whoa." is one of my favorites; it has beets in it that are wonderful for supporting our natural occurring detoxification via our liver. It also has delicious apple, kale, and warming ginger all of which are loaded with antioxidants to keep our body and our skin healthy. We’re out and about in the sunshine a lot more in the summertime, and drinking our antioxidants is just one added layer of skin protection from harmful aging UV rays.  


I hope you all have some fun with these and mix and match the teas with your favorite juices, have a beautiful day and enjoy the month of tea!



Eat well, be well, live well!



McKel Hill, MS, RD, LDN


[ p.s. for amazing tea blends… check out friends at Firepot Chai! ]  

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