Pre-“cleanse” Tips & Tricks


So you’ve decided to try a “cleanse kit” but how to you prepare? juice. Nashville offers a Cleanse Kit to help your body “reboot” and refresh with anywhere from 1-3 day “cleanse” from 6 nutrient dense juices. Not only is this kit delicious and packed full of nutrients in an easy-to-digest form, but it can also give your body a nice reboot especially with digestion.

Your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle habits before you start a “cleanse” is just as important as the “cleanse” itself. For example, if you’re going out drinking cocktails and consuming highly processed foods and sugars, then turn to juicing for 1 day to “be healthy”, you’re doing your body a disservice by not allowing the process to work as best as possible. To optimize your juicing experience, whether just 1 day or 3, there are some things you may need to know before starting.

Here are my top tips to incorporate into your diet and lifestyle ideally 2 or more weeks leading up to the “cleanse”:

  • Drink plenty of water, daily!
  • Nix the caffeine and coffee.
    • Your body may become a bit sensitive to coffee while on the “cleanse” and it’s also better to gradually decrease your coffee/caffeine intake leading up to the “cleanse” instead of quitting cold-turkey and getting nasty headaches or caffeine withdrawals.
  • Eat your veggies!
    • Aim to eat at minimum 5 servings of raw or lightly steamed vegetables/day. This will help your body get enough fiber needed to start optimizing your digestion and also will provide your body with loads of nutrients!
  • Eat your fruits!
    • Aim to eat at least 2 servings of fruit/day. Fruit is rich in nutrients, water, and fiber- all great things to incorporate to make your digestion as efficient as possible. (note this is a very general recommendation, if your goals are fat loss or if you have blood sugar issues, I’d recommend contacting me for a one-on-one consultation).
  • Healthy fats and proteins.
    • Consume quality protein sources if you’re eating animal proteins. Also incorporate healthy fats such as plant-based sources from avocados, olive oils, nuts, seeds, etc.
  • Eat whole foods only.
    • This can be a tricky one for most of us, but it’s a must-have pre-“cleanse”. Consuming whole foods instead of processed foods ensures your body is not taking in any more unwanted substances (i.e. artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, sodium, trans fat, etc.).
  • Skip cocktail hour.
    • Our livers are one of the most powerful detoxifying organs in our body, therefore keeping it strong, healthy, and efficient will not only allow your body to get the maximum benefits from the “cleanse” but will also give your liver a much needed break from working in overdrive trying to clear out alcohol or other toxic substances.
  • Skip the sugar.
    • Consume only natural sugars such as those found in fruits or the occasional maple syrup, honey, or stevia of course. This will not only help give your body and liver a break from processing refined sugars, but will also teach you how to beat the cravings before going into the “cleanse”.
  • Move!
    • Aim to get in exercise as much as possible, maybe weight lifting, cardio exercise or simply walking leisurely. The goal is to get your circulation moving, lymph moving, which not only helps us sweat but promotes peristalsis in our digestive system (i.e. more regularity!).
  • Sweat
    • Just as in exercise the goal is to get moving to promote blood flow, circulation, and healthy digestion- it’s also great for sweating! Our skin is an extremely large detoxification organ in/on our bodies, utilize sweating as a way for the body to clear other toxins from the body/skin. You may notice breakouts of acne while going through a “cleanse”, this is actually very common and will pass!
  • Sleep
  • Manage stress, take time daily to de-stress however you choose. Positive mind and spirit will keep you focused and motivated to stick through these lifestyle changes.


Hope you all have a beautiful week,


McKel Hill, MS, RD, LDN


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