The Picky Eater (#WhyIJuice with Laura Gregory)

Laura Gregory is a stay-at-home mom to Charlotte (5) and Sawyer (2), a practicing doula and the wife to a full-time photographer.

(And she’s carrying baby #3!) With a busy family life and little room for down time, Laura counts on Juice Nashville to provide her family with an all-natural food source that is rich in key nutrients.

In particular, Juice Nashville has become a major source of nutrition for Charlotte, who is the picky eater of the Gregory family.

“Charlotte will not touch a vegetable, which is sad because we eat very healthy,” Laura said. “That’s why I rely on juice, to give her those vegetables, vitamins and nutrients she needs because she’s growing.”

Laura said that both of her children enjoy a variety of flavors from Juice Nashville, even the “green” juices with a strong vegetable base. In the summertime, Laura uses Juice Nashville drinks to create frozen popsicles as a fun, sweet snack. She finds comfort in the fact that all of Juice Nashville’s products are raw and free of added ingredients.


“We have done our research, and we know the difference between processed apple juice from the store and what Juice Nashville uses,” Laura said. “There are a lot of hidden ingredients in regular juices at the store that you have to look out for. With Juice Nashville, it’s just what is on the front of the bottle.

When working as a doula, Laura often recommends Juice Nashville to patients who are looking for a safe and natural way to boost their immune systems. If someone is skeptical about juicing, Laura reminds them that Juice Nashville’s products consist of fruits, vegetables and nothing more. “It’s crazy to me that people are more concerned to drink a juice than to take over-the-counter medicine,” she said.

Perhaps Laura’s favorite aspect of Juice Nashville is the long-term relationships her family has built with Juice Nashville staff. “The employees there have become family. We’re at the Hendersonville location, and it’s just like a community. You see the same employees day after day, you get connected with them and become really close. They love my kids and really spend time with them, giving them samples if they want. They’re more like a family.”

Order your juice today! (p.s. – your body says thank you.)

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